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GSS Proprietary Process

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Globally Sourced CNC Machining

Competitive Pricing. Global reach. No brokers.  No hassle. No risk. Safety stock. One-stop shopping. Single source responsibility. Certified suppliers. 97% on-time delivery. Near zero customer returns. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Global Sourcing Services (GSS) is the perfect extension of your purchasing and engineering groups for sourcing all your precision machining needs…globally or domestically. Whether you need drop off screw machine parts, matched spools & sleeves, manifold assemblies, shafts or other complex machined parts with tough features and tight tolerances, we’ll find the perfect low-cost supplier for every one of your precision machining projects.

Sometimes that will mean producing parts in our parent company’s state-of-the-art, 82,000 square foot machining facility in Mansfield, OH. But when we’re not the best fit for a project, we’ll tell you that right up front…and we’ll source your parts with one of our global or domestic Certified Suppliers better suited for that project.

In either case, with just a single call, you’ll get single-source responsibility and one-stop shopping. We do the heavy lifting, and you get the machined parts you need at globally competitive pricing. You will never have to get on a plane again to visit potential suppliers in low-cost countries because we have people on the ground to look out for your best interests…not brokers.


Global CNC Machining Case Histories

Here’s just a few real life examples of how GSS/Rable helps our customer achieve critical strategic and manufacturing objectives like:

  • Strategic Global Supplier Support - Customer was having difficulty finding a machining partner with a strategic support system that could address a wide variety of products, volumes and complexities. Rable’s extensive in-house capabilities coupled with our network of domestic and global certified suppliers enabled us to successfully attack a wide range of projects and components and deliver them on-time and on-budget.

  • Improving Lead Times, Quality & Pricing IssuesImproving Lead Times, Quality & Pricing Issues - An automotive supplier was buying machined castings from an Asian supplier. Looking for significant cost savings, better quality and shorter lead times. We were able to provide them with a higher quality product, shorter lead times and more than 25% cost savings. We have been providing these parts for more than five years with zero defects and 96% on-time delivery.

  • Rescuing A Troubled ProjectRescuing Troubled Projects - This manufacturer of HVAC compressors sourced production of a retaining ring to a supplier that ran into delivery and quality issues…interrupting deliveries to their customers. We were able to improve quality, shorten lead times and provide near 100% on-time delivery. They haven’t missed a shipment to their customer since.

  • Finding a Strategic Machining Partner - This power transmission components and systems company needed someone to machine shafts, pins and other components for use in their pneumatic and electric hand tools. Since teaming up with GSS they have enjoyed competitive pricing and near 100% on-time, defect-free deliveries.

  • Re-shoring Parts Back To The United StatesReshoring Parts Back To The U.S. - A manufacturer of valve and piping systems went offshore seeking cost reductions. When problems ensued, GSS/Rable came to the rescue. We were able to take over the projects, improve their margins and solve the quality and production issues that had plagued this project.
  • Growing Our Footprint With A Key Customer

    Consolidating Their Supply Chain - An electronics manufacturer decided to consolidate their precision machining supply chain with just a few strategic suppliers. Our joint efforts reduced costs by10%, improved quality and slashed lead times using an innovative inventory stocking program custom-tailored to their exact needs.