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Case Histories:

Offshore and Domestic CNC Machining Case Histories

Improving Lead Times, Quality & Pricing Issues
An automotive supplier was buying machined castings from an Asian supplier. Looking for significant cost savings and shorter lead times, the customer contacted GSS/Rable.
Addressing Quality, Material and Delivery Issues With Asian Supplier
A mid-west machine shop was getting machined parts from a Chinese source. After struggling with quality, material and delivery issues they turned to GSS/Rable for help.
Global Sourcing To Low Cost Countries…Done Right!
A global supplier of motion control systems was having lead time, delivery and quality issues when sourcing precision machining globally.
Solving Capacity, Lead Time & Delivery Issues
A supplier of specialty tools and components were not fans of sourcing offshore…until they saw how we do it and how we take total responsibility for the project.
Case History: Solving Quality & Delivery Issues
A supplier of HVAC compressor components sourced the production of an impeller for its commercial compressors to a supplier that ran into delivery and quality issues.
Rescuing A Troubled Project
This manufacturer of HVAC compressors sourced production of a retaining ring to a supplier that ran into delivery and quality issues…jeopardizing deliveries to their customers.
Looking For A Strategic Machining Partner
This power transmission components company needed help machining shafts, pins and other components for use in their pneumatic and electric hand tools.
Hydraulic Connectors For Industrial/Automotive Applications
A global manufacturer of oil-free air and gas compressors needed hydraulic connectors for industrial and automotive applications.
Re-shoring Parts Back To The United States
A manufacturer of valve and piping systems went offshore seeking cost reductions. When problems ensured, GSS/Rable was asked to help rescue the project.
Strategic Supplier Support
A global manufacturer of major aerospace components was having difficulty finding a machining partner capable of handling their wide range of products and components.
Growing Our Footprint With A Key Customer
An electronics manufacturer decided to consolidate their precision machining supply chain. The goal was to centralize their machining with just a few strategic suppliers.
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