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Global & Domestic CNC Machining Sourcing

Whether it is down the street or around the world, GSS/Rable will help you find the right supplier for any component or assembly.  We have an international network of heavily-vetted suppliers and a quality system to ensure the parts you get are exactly the parts you ordered…the first time, every time.  Best of all, with GSS/Rable, you will always get hassle-free,  one stop shopping with single source responsibility.

Sometimes you have projects you don’t want to send offshore.  In these situations, we offer you two choices: We can make the parts in our plant or we can source to one of our domestic partners better suited to handle that particular project.  At GSS/Rable, we do precision machining…and we’re really good at it.  But as we both know, we may not be the best choice for every project…and if we’re not,  we’ll be the first to tell you so.  But we won’t  leave you hanging.

Our Capabilities

CNC Turning

We can source a full complement of turning options to precision machine even your most demanding and  complex components using the most efficient machining technologies for each part you source with us including but not limited to multi-spindles, turning centers, swiss and CNC enhanced screw machines.   

CNC Milling / Drilling

No matter what your CNC milling/drilling needs, GSS/Rable has the resources you need to perform a full spectrum of milling/drilling operations both domestically or globally.  Our certified machining partners can mill/drill a wide variety of  part sizes and hold tolerances as tight as two microns.

Multi-Spindle Machining

The advantages of multi-spindle machining are not reserved just for high volume jobs. GSS/Rable can source your multi-spindle work whether it is for high volume projects with millions of parts or smaller projects with much lower quantities in the thousands…both domestically and globally.

Grinding & Honing

Our certified grinding and honing partners can hold tolerances down to one micron and produce parts with extremely fine finishes and accurate dimensions.  They can also perform ultra precise honing on a wide variety of components.

CNC Enhanced Screw Machining

GSS/Rable can also source your work to partners with screw machines that have been upgraded with CNC controls and servo motors to replace the cams. These machines can be perfect for making high volume, small to medium-sized parts with tight tolerances for a wide variety of machined components including things like spacers, standoffs (hex, round and square), connectors, nozzles, fittings and more.

CNC Swiss Machining

CNC Swiss machining is a fast, cost effective way to produce large quantities of very small,  long and/or thin parts with very tight tolerances and challenging features. These machines are often equipped with sub-spindles, live tools  and automatic bar feeders and can hold extremely tight tolerances.  Typical parts run on Swiss machines include  needle valves, pins, shafts, spacers, standoffs and electronic hardware. 


GSS/Rable can also source a wide variety of value-added, electro-mechanical assembly operations for  everything from valve housing assemblies to matched sets of valve spools & sleeves. Sourcing your assembly needs through GSS/Rable gives you one-stop shopping and single source responsibility for sub-assemblies or finished products. Instead of receiving individual components from multiple suppliers that need to be inspected and assembled, our partners can send you finished sub-assemblies that have been precision machined, thoroughly tested and are ready for use right out of the box.


Broaching can replace a number of other machining operations saving time and tooling costs. We source broaching services to produce parts for a wide variety of components because it can improve feature-to-feature accuracy and reduce handling & set up times. We also source broaching to machine small to medium sized castings, forgings, screw machine parts.


GSS/Rable can source a full spectrum of NADCAP-accredited, anodizing services, including Type I Anodizing (Chromic Acid anodization); Type II (Sulfuric Acid Anodization) and Type III (Hardcoat)… all with single source responsibility and one stop shopping. 

Heat Treating

Heat treating can not only help improve the manufacturing process but it can also improve the end  product, its performance, and its characteristics. GSS/Rable can provide you with the full range of heat treating services including hardening, tempering, annealing, normalizing, carburization and surface hardening.


Through our network of strategic partners, we can also source a wide range of plating services including chrome plating, nickel plating, copper plating and zinc plating.  As with anodizing and heat treating, by working with GSS/Rable you will also enjoy the benefits of one stop shopping and  single source responsibility.

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