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Markets Served - GSS/Rable sources precision machining and assembly services into a broad range of global industrial markets.

The key markets we are focused on include: 

Pumps & Valves
Pumps and Values

ABS Sensors, EGR valves, cartridge valves, solenoid valves, shafts , housings and other precision metal components, fittings and related components used in the manufacture of metal valves, connectors, valve stem tapers, turret terminals, stanchion, cock spindle, etc.


Shafts, housings, spindles, valves, nipples, fittings, drains, anchors, valve components, flanges, contact pins, manifolds, sensors, pressure ports, & cover plates, hard disk shells, brackets, offset arms, lock handles, and more

Shafts, gears, housings, sensors, actuators, bushes, spacers, appliance control components, valves, spacers, stand offs, etc.

Machined parts for gastroscopes, endoscopes, respirators, medical pumps, dialysis equipment, specialty valve components, hospital beds, wheel chairs

Recreational Vehicles

Pulleys, end fittings, gear motors,, shafts, spindles, steering pinions & input shafts, torsion bars, spools, valves, master cylinder components and housings, sensors, hub assemblies, fuel fittings, locking pins, brass & aluminum nozzles, valve stems & standoffs, etc.


Lense holders, caps, lock rings, lamp mounts, focus moving tubes, threaded housings, extension tubes, output converters, guide scopes, focusers, head assemblies.


Steel, stainless steel, brass, cooper and various plastics parts such as: receptacles, collars, spindles, housings, plug shells, bushings, spacers, contacts, connectors, terminal posts and many other parts for the electronics industry.


Bushings, spindles, housings contacts, connectors and many other parts that go into the manufacture of a variety of sensors.

This includes flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, vision sensors and many other types of sensors for a variety of industries.

Ag-Con Equipment

Precision metal components for tractors; sprayers, dusters; harrows; pulverizers; cultivators; weeders; harvesting equip; heavy construction equipment, etc.

Lawn & Garden

Shafts, housings, valves and other machined parts for fuel systems, brakes, steering and suspension components, transmission & engines and other parts


Shafts and metal components, solenoid valves, universal shut down valves, connectors


Adapters, collars, connectors, couplings, fittings, flanges, plugs, poppets, ferrules, hubs, nipples, pintels, pistons, reducers, retainer rings, rods, screws, spacers, spindles shafts, shims, sleeves, spacers, spools, standoffs, struts, supports, 


Gas blocks, barrel nuts, extractors, scope mounts, bolt assemblies, pistol receiver extensions, buffer tubes, firing pins/gas tubes, flash hiders/ silencers, cocking handles, choke tubes, site bases/bolts rail mounts

Armored Vehicles

Components for powertrain; steering systems; braking systems; fuel systems; airbag systems; climate control;

Motorcycles & Bikes

Fuel system components; braking components; engine & transmission components; suspension components, housings, connectors, sensor housings


Housings, valves, connectors, fuel system components; braking components; engine & transmission components; steering systems components, etc.

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