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What Makes Us Different

100% Employee-Owned: What It Means To You - You’ll be working with employees empowered to act quickly and nimbly with a sense of urgency…while staying accountable

100% Employee owned

GSS/Rable is a 100% employee-owned company and it shows. There's a huge difference when you deal with an owner vs. an employee. Our employee owners understand our business and value your business. There's a "can-do attitude" that pervades everything we do for you. Everyone from the executive suite to our plant floor are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that a bad part never leaves our plant and that the products you order are exactly the products you get…the first time, every time. More specifically, working with our employee-owners you will:

  • Receive quick response to your every need…big or small
  • Work with employees empowered to act quickly and nimbly while staying accountable
  • Have your parts made in a plant where everyone expects fellow employees to be engaged and innovative…everyday
  • Benefit from a shop floor that welcomes new technology rather than fears it
  • Be doing business with a company that will never be sold to a venture capital firm
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