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What Makes Us Different

Inventory Management - Innovative inventory options like our 52-Turn, Kan-ban, safety stock, scheduled release and parts consignment programs.

GSS Inventory ManagementAt a time when most precision machining companies are doing everything they can to avoid holding inventory for customers, GSS/Rable once again has taken the road less-traveled by offering several innovative inventory management options to customers willing to sign long term supply agreements. Offering options like those listed below are just one of the many ways that GSS/Rable becomes your partner and extension of your purchasing and engineering staffs.

These options include:

  • Our 52-Turn Inventory Program - With this option once you sign a long term agreement we will make your products in large lot sizes allowing you to take advantage of the lower piece pricing that accompanies larger volumes. Once we make your products, we will hold them for releases as often as 52-Times per year. With this program, we stock your parts so you don't have to carry the inventory on your shelves…and books.
  • Scheduled Release Program – This program enables you to determine exactly what you need and when you need it. Working under a long term blanket agreement, we will provide same-day shipping on stocked parts so you will not have to hold inventory…like in our 52-Turn Program, we'll do that for you.
  • KanBan Programs – Our Kanban system is designed to optimize the flow of product through the manufacturing process by eliminating labor and inventory waste. The heart of the system is the just-in-Time (JIT) process which helps ensure that your plants receive only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed. In other words, our KanBan systems focus on the timely replenishment of the machined parts you need…when you need them.
  • Parts Consignment – Sometimes for cash flow reasons, it makes sense for you to sign a long term blanket agreement that allows us to make and stock your parts on a parts consignment basis. Under this option, you will own the parts but not pay for them until they are shipped.
  • Safety Stock Program – If you have parts that absolutely, positively must be delivered on-time, you can tap into our safety stock program where we will make and stock those products at our parent company's 82,000 square foot headquarters in Mansfield, OH. You will never miss a shipment to your customers again.

These programs are designed to help ensure that you never miss a shipment to a customer again.

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